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  • About Us

    Mozdigicom is a company with bilingual and professional technical support, helps solve your IT problems and maintain your IT systems, so you have more time to focus on your core business.

  • All Your IT Needs

    Off-site or on-site, project-based or long-term, we offer a full menu of services to help companies manage and satisfy all IT needs.

  • IT Set-Up

    Mozdigicom provides professional New Office IT Set-Up services, including cabling, PABX, Hardware, Software, and networking. Our team of expert technical consultants can confidently recommend, support, and implement a wide range of systems with your best interests in mind. We can provide you with installation project management as well as long-term IT maintenance and support with our normal IT maintenance package.

  • IT Maintenance

    We perform proactive IT maintenance service to optimize and prevent system problems in our clients equipment. This helps avoid equipment failures and expensive, untimely repairs.


  • 24×7 Network Monitoring Services

    The core of MOZDIGICOM 24×7 Network Monitoring Services is a proven monitoring solution using state-of-the-art software that proactively monitors key network servers and network infrastructure to identify potential problems before they cause downtime. Our systems automatically scans servers, routers, switches and firewalls to ensure uptime and acceptable performance. When problems are detected, alarms are generated to notify the appropriate service personnel. With our 24×7 Network Management solution we produce monthly trend reports so you can track the health of your information network.

  • IT Consulting

    When Hiring an IT Consultant Makes Sense?
    When you need a specialist for a problem.
    When you need to scope new hardware or implement new software.
    When you need a new solution (i.e. moving servers to the cloud), and don't know which vendor to choose.
    When the budget is better served by a consultant over new staff.

    "But isn't hiring a consultant expensive?" No, not necessarily. Here at MOZDIGICOM, we focus on reliability and efficiency, so that we can save our clients money through our work. In fact, consultants are often hired for exactly that reason – to save the company money!

  • New Office Setup

    We can provide you with installation project management as well as long-term IT maintenance and support with our normal IT maintenance package. The following services may be included in New Office IT Set-up program:
    - IT network setup consulting
    - Hardware and Software procurement
    - PABX system set-up
    - Cable installation and network system set-up
    - Desktop equipment deployment and installation service (PC, Printers, Fax, etc.)
    - Internet set-up
    - Email set-up
    - Voice over Internet Proxy Direct Call Service (VOIP)
    - Virtual Private Network (VPN) set-up
    - Door entry security system set-up
    - Video or teleconference set-up

    The benefits of New Office IT Set-up service include the following:
    - Save time
    - Save money
    - You can focus on core business
    - We manages IT needs and implementation

Network Support

  • Support Services

    - Network not coming up? Network Diagnostics
    - Are employee network connections not performing so well? Network Troubleshooting
    - Employees talking about slow computer performance? Hardware Upgrades
    - Time for an improvement in the server room? Server Management and Implementation
    - Trouble with phishing or hacking attempts? Network Security—Firewall Implementation
    - Want to set up (or secure) Wi-Fi? Wireless Networks
    - Problems with spam on your email accounts? Email Hosting Support
    - Protect email from phishing and identity theft. Modus Secure Email Management
    - Are all your systems up-to-date and virus-free? Antivirus Protection
    - Is spyware slowing down office computers? Spyware Protection
    - Interested in adding new capabilities to your website? Website Hosting Support
    - Need support for Microsoft-based infrastructures? Application Support
    - Is it time for the latest version? Software Upgrades
    - XP, Vista, Windows 7… Windows Updates
    - Want to receive Exchange-based email on your mobile? PDA/Smartphone Support

  • Service Level Agreements

    All support can be provided on an hourly basis or under an SLA. SLAs, or Service Level Agreements, reserve a set number of hours per month for MOZDIGICOM engineers to come on-site and perform tasks you specify in our agreement. The following is a list of a few of the services MOZDIGICOM's technicians will provide.

    - Equipment Maintenance Service
    - Assistance with Software, including:
    . Installation
    . Configuration
    . Upgrades
    - Data Transfer/Conversion
    - Telephone System Assistance
    - Training on Hardware, Software, Networks
    - Relocation of Equipment/Cabling
    - System and Network Management
    - Equipment Upgrades
    - Requirements Analysis
    - Preventative Maintenance
    - Warranty Support
    - Antivirus Configuration and/or Removal
    - Security Patch Installations

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